Festoon systems

Festoon systems

Safe, effective and economical means of transporting feeding and control cables and hoses!

AKAPP festoon systems provide a safe, effective and economical means of supplying power to cranes, hoists and moving machinery travelling along fixed tracks.

The 'kit-form' principle gives complete versatility and simplifies site installation.

Which of these advantages are important to you?

Optimal reliabilityDue to the solid construction and effective shape of all components runs every AKAPP Festoon system trouble free.
Longer life cycle of your cables and hosesAKAPP Festoon systems let your cables and hoses move smoothly, without twisting and tangling. Therefore, cables and hoses keep in optimal condition.
Safety first!Your cables and hoses are neatly stored, which prevent dangerous situations on the work floor, e.g. workshops.
Easy and fast mountingAll components are perfectly adjusted to each other, which results in quick and efficient installation. Modifications to existing AKAPP Festoon systems can in most cases easily be executed.
Practically no maintenanceAKAPP C-profile prevents inconvenient deposition of moisture and dirt on the running surface.
Solid constructionAll components of an AKAPP Festoon system are made of high-quality materials. We offer you the best possible solutions for your applications.
Seamless profile connectionsThe profile sections can be connected exactly in line by means of adjustment bolts.  This results in smooth running of the trolleys through the profiles.


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